3 essential clothing you need for rowing

When you row down the river, you may feel excited and love the wind that’s touching your face and hair. But you should dress properly, else this wind may cause illness. Here are three essential clothing you need for rowing.


Your rowing clothes must not be loose. They can get caught in the boat’s equipment, and your motion might be restricted for it. You should avoid items that are made of cotton as they will get heavy when wet. It is best to wear a snug T-shirt made of synthetic fibres. You can go for either short or long sleeves. You can add a close-fitting waterproof windbreaker on top so that you stay dry and warm. You can wear a jacket under your windbreaker on a chilly day.


You should avoid wearing baggy pants as they may get tangled in your sliding seat while rowing. You should wear stretchy bike shorts on hot days or runner leggings on colder days. You should never wear jeans when you row. Jeans will restrict your movement and will get heavy when wet.


In most rowing boats, there are built-in shoes. Still, you need athletic shoes with gripped soles so that you can walk safely on the dock. You should wear thick and padded socks that can protect your feet. You should avoid cotton socks and wear wool socks instead to keep you warm.

Other accessories

You should wear hat or baseball cap to protect yourself from the sun during sunny days. You must wear a snug knit cap in colder weather. You may have to wear gloves while rowing.

Whatever the weather is, you must choose appropriate clothing to keep yourself comfortable. Proper clothing will also help you to row better.

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