Welcome to Offshore Rowing Championships 2009! This is a blog about rowing, competition, training, equipment, etc. related to rowing. I started writing this blog in 2009 to cover the entire event of the Offshore Rowing Championship that year. Many people appreciated by attempt and asked me to write more about this sport. So, I continued writing this blog for the rowing community.

I have an athletic background. I have tried rowing a number of times in my life, just for the fun of it. After observing the championship in 2009, I understood what a great sport it is. I hope this blog will help many people to try out this amazing sport. Competitions are held every year and participants from all over the world participate in this game. You will learn about the training and equipment necessary to do well in this game. So, if you are interested in rowing, you should read this blog everyday. You can get the latest updates on this wonderful sport.