Top 4 tips to become a better rower

Rowing is a very enjoyable exercise. It is great fun and good for the body as well. If you are involved in rowing, the following tips will help you to become a better rower.

Don’t grip too hard

Don’t grip very hard. You only need to keep enough grip so that you don’t lose the handle. If you hold it too tight, you will have achy forearms, and you may tear up your palms.

Drive with your legs

Rowing mostly involves leg works. Your legs are stronger than your arms. So, your legs must do the majority of the work. You shouldn’t pull with your arms. You must keep your elbows straight as you drive your legs. You should remember that your legs will do most of the work, and not your arms. If your arms bend, you will lose the ability to convert the power from your legs.

 Sit up tall and breathe properly

You should hinge at the hips and keep good posture. You must lift your chest up and don’t collapse your lower back or shoulder. You must be relaxed. You should breathe properly. You must exhale as you drive back and inhale as you recover forward.

 Focus on consistent, steady movement

You should practice steady and consistent movement. As you are on the water, the smooth movement will be fast and efficient. If your movements are jerky, it will make waves, and your boat may flip.

You should follow these tips to become a more efficient rower. This way you will be less injured as well. The more you practice, the better you will become at rowing.

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